Imagination, Intelligently Applied.
At the Clever Group that pretty much sums us up, we continually look towards the future and by employing only the most creative and innovative individuals we provide services that ensure our clients keep up with the demand of their digital customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Communicating more


Innovation in education


Saving costs

& time

Through intrinsically understanding the sector, we have been able to develop products that directly address the issues faced by institutions today.
Our innovative digital prospectus’ save on printing costs, our course leaflet production system save vast amounts of time spent on editing and our smart event registration systems generate vital biometric information that is crucial for marketing purposes.

Innovative suite of

bespoke products

Cleverly utilising 50 years combined experience within the education sector, our handpicked Edge Clever team have successfully taken many well-known educational institutions into the new digital era. Through providing an innovative suite of bespoke products that have won many innovation awards, Edge Clever are the go-to agency for institutions who are looking to communicate with students more effectively.

Award winning

education professionals

Edge Clever are a highly specialised collective of award winning education professionals and leading digital specialists who are renowned for pioneering innovation in education. Experts at excelling in an industry where presentation and organisation are key, at Edge Clever we intrinsically understand the needs of the ever evolving education sector and provide cutting edge, smart, digital solutions for modern day higher education institutions.

What are our services?

  • Smart Communication Systems
  • 100% Accuracy
  • Device Responsive Products
  • Real Time Auditing/Changes
  • Cost Effective Digital Products
  • Smart Communication

    Smart Communication


    Imagine being able to communicate with your students without having to write letters. Through the use of a mobile app, our smart communication systems can give you a direct line to students. By using digital communications rather than traditional post, an institution can now eradicate postage costs and communicate via an easily accessible digital channel which is appealing to the students of today.

  • 100%



    As our products are bespoke for each client, and each product pulls it’s main information in real time from their pre-determined, audited central sources, it is always accurate. Our biometric data collection systems used for open events also gather in-depth, detailed information such as age, sex, race and number and time of attendees; all vital information for remarketing purposes.

  • Device Responsive

    Device Responsive


    The ability to edit on the go is vitally important when dealing with constantly changing online information. With the capability to edit data both internally and externally, on laptops or on a phone, our bespoke products helps ease lengthy, troublesome processes such as course leaflet updates.

  • Real Time

    Real Time


    We understand that time is short for educational staff and so the ability to change online information in real time is a huge benefit. To facilitate this, all of our products have intuitive, easy-to-use cms systems and have been built with the functionality to audit in real-time. With Edge Clever products, promotional material such as course leaflets and prospectus’ can all easily be changed within seconds and at the touch of a button.

  • Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    Digital Products

    With a focus on saving both time and money, our suite of innovative products helps educational establishments manage their processes more effectively. From digital prospectus’ to smart event management and course leaflet systems that help reduce staff costs; all of our products have been specifically created to minimise both expense and time wastage for educational institutions.

A peek at our work

Clever Form

CleverForm is an integrated event registration system that takes away the operational headache of open days. Through collecting data online pre-event, during the event and post event, CleverForm is a total solution for streamlining your registration process whilst ensuring you are gathering as much crucial information as possible. Crucially it works in sync with your marketing department to increase the amount and accuracy of student information that is collected and this can then be used for vital remarketing purposes.

Clever Track

Make better business decisions with the right marketing intelligence. Clever track is an application communication system which is designed to ensure the college communicates with applying students more effectively and at significantly lower cost. By using digital communications rather than traditional post, communication is greatly enhanced as it is via an easily accessible digital channel which is appealing to the students of today. The application essentially enables users to track their application process, communicate with the college in relation to applications and it also provides the college with an auditable trail of communications.

Clever Hub

Centralise and manage your marketing from one place. The Clever Hub is a fully live course leaflet management solution that accepts imports from MIS so that Marketing can create fully editable course leaflets. This easy-to-use system can then export to both college marketing channels as well as third party affiliate sites.

Essentially, the Clever Hub system allows Marketing to be not just accountable for course information but also empowered to manage its content and context whilst taking accurate course file data from MIS.

Clever Flip

This innovative communication package integrates with our Clever Hub system to allow a college to internally produce interactive prospectuses’ at the touch of a button.

Giving your college a youthful vibrancy, Clever Flip is an engaging and efficient way to present your course data with easy-­to-­digest information, graphics and video. Not only does it look good, with Clever Flip pupils can also apply directly for courses, save them for later or download information making the whole process of applying for a course as simple as ABC.

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