Imagination, Intelligently Applied.
At the Clever Group that pretty much sums us up, we continually look towards the future and by employing only the most creative and innovative individuals we provide services that ensure our clients keep up with the demand of their digital customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Bringing Visions to


Experts in digital innovation


Building your

digital dream

Offering extensive development facilities and talented UI/UX designers, we are experts at bringing visions to life. Once we have blueprints for your concept we can map, draw, design, test and then build your digital dream. We can even fully project manage your new digital development or we can simply pass on the blueprints, plans and finished product.

Your digital


As expert developers of the digital variety, we work just like traditional architects. We start by understanding your idea, your objectives, your target market and your vision and we can then identify and produce all of the elements, platforms and assets that you will need included in the system architecture for your digital development.

Our digitally clever


From innovative apps to award winning websites to facial recognition reward schemes, in our digitally clever world anything is architecturally possible. We live and breathe technology and focus on supplying bespoke digital solutions that improve business efficiency and generate results.

What are our services?

  • Scope & Implementation Planning
  • Creative Design
  • UI/UX Design Development
  • Planning & Project Management
  • Digital Architecture Experts
  • Scope &

    Scope &

    Implementation Planning

    With the experience and facilities to fully scope and map out your idea or concept, we can help you build a solid plan for your project. As our strengths also lie hugely in the digital world, we can help you mix together our range of services to produce a concept that will engage with your audience and ultimately connect them with your brand.

  • Creative



    Our creative team work hard to deliver highly innovative, user-focused design solutions across a wide range of digital media. We combine creativity and technology to continually push boundaries and we are dedicated to helping clients develop and express their brands through strategy-driven design, branding, marketing and interactive work.

  • UI/UX Design

    UI/UX Design


    Through delivering innovative digital experiences and creating highly usable and intuitive designs in both the B2B and the B2C markets for a plethora of high profile clients, we know that providing a good user experience is integral to success. At Dev Clever our developers are experts at improving the usability and accessibility of any digital product to ensure optimum user experience.

  • Planning & Project

    Planning & Project


    We are experts in managing the entire project lifecycle from research and strategy through to design and development to ongoing support. Armed with extensive, experienced, in-house development, design and creative teams we are fully equipped to project manage any new development, no matter what the sector.

  • Digital Architecture

    Digital Architecture


    Skilled at digital-product innovation that meets changing customer expectations and offering products that set new benchmarks for speed, agility, and user-friendliness, our expert Dev Clever system architects can help you develop and deploy the digital products you need to survive and thrive.

A peek at our work

Rethink Productivity

Our website development for Rethink Productivity encapsulates how we work inclusively with clients, consistently producing effective and interesting digital material. Take a read of the company CEO’s response:

‘The Dev Clever team worked closely with us to understand our company, what we do and how this could be presented through the website. From content creation to design, each stage of the process was clear with structured reviews along the way. We are delighted with the output and have already signed up to the next project with Chris and the team!’ Simon Hedaux, CEO Rethink Productivity.

Solihull College & University Centre

Solihull College have fully embraced our whole suite of digital educational products to enable them to move from print to online digital solutions for which they are now recognised as a digital leader. Firmly positioned as an innovator in education digital communications the College have won many prestigious awards attributed to the success of the products.


Pinfinity is a Digital Memory Box- a record of someone’s life’s events and achievements for future generations to enjoy and learn from. Pinfinity allows the user to select and store social media 'Memories' of people, places, events and moments. Pinfinity connects with friends and family to save memories that you share and users’ have the ability to comment on each others choices to build a picture of their family and social network. In addition, your ancestor’s can use Pinfinity to build a more complete story about their family tree.

Wolverhampton College

Through enhancing the college's digital offering via a new look website and digital prospectus we repositioned the college within the sector, whilst increasing their digital engagement. The College continue to embrace the innovative products we offer to further promote their brand and keep ahead of the competition.


Profie is a state-of-the-art photography and videography studio fully equipped with the latest green screen technology.  With a wealth of experience in helping businesses create a brand personality through imagery and video, the creative team have developed specific techniques in studio lighting, image retouching and film editing to create visual marketing content with maximum impact.  
With a huge black book of creative contacts ranging from photographers to make up artists, a dedicated editing team with extensive experience in producing campaigns for many high profile brands, the Profie production team can fully project manage all
of your creative needs, from beginning to end whether it's website imagery you need or a corporate video.
It's not all corporate though! Profie also utilises it's green screen technology and bar facilities to put on fun experiences and events, so if you always fancied starring in your own music video, or wanted a picture of yourself on the moon then Profie is the place to come.


Have you ever thought about what will happen to your Social Media content when you’re no longer around to update it? PinPal allows you to pre-arrange for someone to take control of all your social media at some point in the future-when you're no longer around to do so.
As the digital footprint that you leave behind may be around for years, decades or even centuries, available to be accessed by future generations, assumptions will be made about the kind of person you were, based on your ‘Posts’ and ‘Likes’. Essentially, Pinpal allows you to take control of your digital legacy so you are remembered the way you want to be remembered.

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