Imagination, Intelligently Applied.
At the Clever Group that pretty much sums us up, we continually look towards the future and by employing only the most creative and innovative individuals we provide services that ensure our clients keep up with the demand of their digital customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Innovative Development


Fusing innovation & creativity


Converting Impressions

to leads

Our team are experts at converting impressions to leads and leads to sales to ensure you get the results you want. With extensive in-house creative and development facilities we can top off every project with a good dose of digital glitz to create seamless and engaging multi-channel user experiences.

Mobile & Application


From billing solutions, to software development to mobile and application creation, our experienced developers will ensure that your business is running at optimum levels, 100% of the time whilst our dedicated support and management team keep an eye on the day to day things so you don’t have to.

Develop your brand


So you have your idea, your architecture and your development is all ready to go but what next? How do you receive payments for items? How do you add new functions to your snazzy new website? Well worry not as clever concepts are our game and we can help you creatively develop your brand voice.

What are our services?

  • Fully outsourced coding and development solutions
  • Scoping and Mapping Implementation
  • Software Development
  • Mobile and Application Development
  • System and Platform Development
  • Fully outsourced coding

    Fully outsourced coding

    and development solutions

    At Clever Dev we can provide you or your business with a fully outsourced programming and coding solution. Utilising our experienced and accredited development team, including multi language programmers, we can help you develop your vision at the same time as ensuring projects are delivered on time, every time.

  • Scoping and Mapping

    Scoping and Mapping


    Not sure whether your idea will work? Not sure what your system will need to include? Well we can do the planning so you don’t have to. Not only can we fully scope and map out your idea, we can produce all the assets, architecture and documentation needed to get your project off the ground.

  • Software



    A compelling online presence is one of the most crucial and hardworking tools your business can have. Through understanding your culture, customers and the world you live in we can turn any brief into a bespoke software solution that is unique, scalable and results focused.

  • Mobile and Application

    Mobile and Application


    From innovative digital scratchcards to extremely powerful, web-enabled communication applications, Clever Dev excel at creating digitally innovative products that are completely bespoke for your business and needs.

  • System and Platform

    System and Platform


    Creating the right impression from the get-go is vital. From innovative customer loyalty systems to engaging social media platforms, we’ve made our name in creating bespoke software and web applications that fix real business issues and offer tangible benefit on a day-to-day basis.

A peek at our work

Clever Hub

Designed specifically for the education sector, the Clever Hub is a fully live course leaflet management solution that allows an educational establishment to be in control of their course leaflet information.
Not only does this easy-to-use system accept imports from MIS so that Marketing can create fully editable course leaflets, it can also export updated leaflets to both college marketing channels as well as third party affiliate sites.
Essentially, the Clever Hub system allows Marketing to be not just accountable for course information but also empowered to manage its content and context whilst taking accurate course file data from MIS.

Biometric Stats

In today’s competitive retail world, to stay ahead, you need to understand your customer; after all knowledge is power. Our suite of powerful biometric products have been specifically designed to enable a business to gather the crucial business intelligence it needs to make agile and smart decisions.
Through utilising the latest cutting-edge customer recognition technology, we can tell a business everything they need to know about their customer base-from gender, age, and sex the exact times they visit you. Business owners can then use this information for a variety of reasons ranging from personalising the customer shopping experience to instantly recognising VIP customers to devising hard hitting marketing plans based on the data collated.


Mobile is a way of life, a cultural phenomenon and an intensely exciting platform for innovation. R&D is in our DNA and we have an endless appetite for tackling challenges, both technical and commercial, that will shape the future and your business.
Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we take their initial concept and merge it with everything the we know about mobile and about what does and doesn't work and then turn their ideas into tangible, useful applications. From cutting edge loyalty scheme solutions to quirky game applications, we pride ourselves on building innovative apps that offer engaging user experiences.

Solihull College & University Centre

Solihull College have fully embraced our whole suite of digital educational products to enable them to move from print to online digital solutions for which they are now recognised as a digital leader. Firmly positioned as an innovator in education digital communications the College have won many prestigious awards attributed to the success of the products.

Wolverhampton College

Through enhancing the college's digital offering via a new look website and digital prospectus we repositioned the college within the sector, whilst increasing their digital engagement. The College continue to embrace the innovative products we offer to further promote their brand and keep ahead of the competition.

Clever Clients